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Global Marketing Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Global Marketing Communication - Essay Example The project was built with a support from the Australian filmmaker, Darius Devas. The inclusion of Devas was important as he had already travelled to Goa, India. He was allowed to document the reunion of his old friends who were there as part of Goa hippy Mecca in the 1970s. The documentary was built by collecting response from the significant personalities which were key in the entire story. At the first stage, the Dubs has come up with 13 video vignettes on the platform of Facebook. This was done on a regular basis throughout the months of March and April, 2010. The platform was chosen in the wake of customers’ growing attraction towards the online content. The project was an effort by the leading broadcast medium SBS, Freehand Television, Screen Australia and Screen NSW. The strategy was implemented in two stages. At the first stage, the Facebook Group was considered to attract the audiences. At the later stage, the Facebook fan page was included to communicate with the tar get audiences. The project started off with the introduction of ‘Goa Hippy Tribe’, an online community to connect the relevant people and communities. The community page put its effort to be linked and associated with the audience group who is passionate about the group and emotionally tied up with the Goa hippy community. The videos were related to certain themes like drug subculture, young age spirituality and trance music which can be associated with the Goa. Furthermore, the Dubs also used other media platforms like YouTube and Flickr to push its product to additional audiences. The project was a success as there was audience engagement in the making of this documentary TV series. As the people felt that they were actually involved in the making of the process. The loyalty was enormous with the feel of joint ownership. The audience base also increased through word of mouth communication. At the end stage, after the documentary was done, a fan page was created to rea ch out to a larger audience group. Through the group and fan page, the project was able to reach out to 9000 fans without spending a dollar on traditional marketing or advertising on air. Traditionally in a documentary film, there is enough research involved with a considerable number of interview processes. These are never released to the audiences (Tay, 2010). However, as those were released and were used to shape up the documentary films, people felt connected to the making process of the same leading to an emotional feeling and passion for the documentary series. Facebook also allowed the audience sot take part in the group discussion for this project leading to fetching a considerable attraction from its fans. This feeling of involvement was possible through Facebook and led to the success of the documentary series. Link between the Case and Relevant Theories Communication is one unique activity which establishes the relationship. The communication has been central to the integ rative marketing process. Dunca and Moriaty have come up with a communication based marketing model to manage the relationships. They developed a model displaying the significance of communication in the foundation of the marketing efforts. The communication seems to be one of the most significant elements of the marketing leading to the establishment of the brand relationships with

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How to make prisons economically viable Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

How to make prisons economically viable - Essay Example This has made a negative impact on the private prison industry. The aim of this paper is to analyze private prisons in United States in the lights of broad and diverse academic resources. SWOT Analysis During the eighties, the trend in privatization of prisons started and thus, by the nineties, majority of the prisons became private. In the prison industry, private prisons are considered to be the most profitable and lucrative methods of maintaining law and order and at the same time, generating revenues (Shichor, 2002). Correctional Corporation of America and Wackenhut are considered to be the two dominant players in the private prison industry(Logan, 2007). Research suggests that by sentencing one prison, the correctional institution gets large amount of money (Sloane, 2006). However, in the last few years, there has been decline in the private prison industry. Based on the decline and massive expenditure on private prisons, the following analysis has been conducted in for economic ally viable private prisons: Strengths 1. There is no doubt that private prisons are more effective in maintaining law and order as compared to public prisons. 2. Privatization concentrates on providing quality to the prisoners. 3. Private prisons allow business owners to generate higher revenues. 4.

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Scary Story Essay Example for Free

Scary Story Essay When I finally fell asleep I was running. To this day I do not know what from. Whatever it was it must have been the most terrifying thing ever to exist for I seemed to be running without trying to. It was as if I had almost no control over my body. I wished to see what I was running from so I tried to open my eyes. I don’t know what I was expecting to happen. Perhaps I thought that my body would not respond to my commands as it didn’t with the running. Therefore it was a surprise to me when at my first attempt to open my eyes they did. I so wish I hadn’t. What I saw still haunts me most nights. I know that it was worse than any horror story ever made. For that reason I have great difficulty in dictating what I saw on that dreadful night not just emotionally but for the fact that the words do not exist to express exactly what I saw but I will do my best. It was worse than any horror story ever made there was a thick liquid dripping down the walls that looked suspiciously like blood. And it was not just dripping; it was splattered over the walls as if someone had been brutally murdered there. There were scratches in the walls, like someone- no not just someone- but a child by the size of the marks-had literally worn their fingers down to the knuckles trying to escape, as if that was there only way to survive. It did not seem logical that they stopped there at the time for it looked then like there were miles and miles left before the end of that gruesome tunnel. But then my feet felt as if they were on fire. I looked down and I saw then why those poor unfortunate souls had stopped there. Nails two inches long at least, sticking up out of the floor, and the walls and the ceiling, but these nails were red hot. I mean you could actually see the words scratched lightly on the wall ‘turn back’ ‘this is your doom’ and little scratchy tally marks all over the top of hundreds of tiny little skeletons all stuck on the spikes like spoils of war. As I looked at the skeletons time seemed to turn backwards these pale bleached white bones seemed to grow younger and then it started. They grew rotting flesh on the bones with maggots crawling in and out and then the flesh grew and grew, the maggots still crawling around. Then the flesh started growing and forming skin and then the faces started screaming out in pain calling out for their mothers and fathers. Then the screaming intensified louder and louder until it reached a deafening pitch and volume thousands of dead children screaming in fright, pure terror in their eyes but they were all looking in different directions, at the spikes that were brandishing them where they were slumped. Then the spikes started growing and lengthening. Growing through the bodies of these thousands of children, all still while they are screaming themselves ‘to death’ without taking a single breath. That was the only sign that they were not ‘living and breathing’, that and the fact that the blood from where the spikes bored holes in their young frail bodies was gushing onto the floor faster than I ran through that awful tunnel. The layer of blood was growing and taking over the floor until it was lapping over my still running feet which were stepping, I just realised, on every single spike they could find, until they grew too huge. I tripped while my foot was still speared by the now over foot long spikes. As I fell into the deep layer of blood collecting on the floor I felt the spikes attack every inch of my skin, gouging through my eyes, carrying on through my brain, paralyzing me and then shattering my skull until I was face flat in the blood. The blood of thousands of dead children swelling in my ears, filling my mouth as I try to scream out for help, going up my nose as I try to take a breath. I could feel myself dying. I could feel my own warm blood filling my skull and drenching my hair. I knew I was going to die. I tried and failed for one last breath, the blood of all those poor children. Children whose parents would have never had closure for their deaths, some still thinking that their babies will one day come home, knowing in their heart of hearts that they are dead and never coming back, filling my lungs. And then I woke up drenched in a thick cold sweat, terrified, of ever sleeping again.

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Bigger Thomas as America’s Native Son :: Essays Papers

Bigger Thomas as America’s Native Son In the novel the Native Son, the author Richard Wright explores racism and oppression in American society. Wright skillfully merges his narrative voice into Bigger Thomas so that the reader can also feel how the pressure and racism affects the feelings, thoughts, self-image, and life of a Negro person. Bigger is a tragic product of American imperialism and exploitation in a modern world. Bigger embodies one of humankind’s greatest tragedies of how mass oppression permeates all aspects of the lives of the oppressed and the oppressor, creating a world of misunderstanding, ignorance, and suffering. The novel is loaded with a plethora of imageries of a hostile white world. Wright shows how white racism affects the behavior, feelings, and thoughts of Bigger. â€Å"Everytime I think about it I feel like somebody’s poking a red-hot iron down my throat†¦We live here and they live there. We black and they white. They got things and we ain’t. They do things and we can’t†¦I feel like I’m on the outside the world peeping in through a knot-hole in the fence†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (20). Bigger’s sense of constriction and of confinement is very palpable to the reader. Wright also uses a more articulate voice to accurately describe the oppressive conditions of a Negro person. An anonymous black cellmate, a university student cries out, †You make us live in such crowded conditions†¦that one out of every ten of us is insane†¦you dump all stale foods into the Black Belt and sell them for more than you can get anywhere else†¦You tax us, but you wont build hospitals†¦the schools are so crowded that they breed perverts†¦you hire us last and fire us first†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (318). Bigger’s sense of constriction by the white world is so strong that he has no doubt that â€Å"something awful’s going to happen to me†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (21). Nowhere in this novel can the reader see a greater example of Bigger’s fear and sense of constriction than in the accidental death of Mary Dalton. The all-encompassing fear that the white world has bred in Bigger takes over when he is in Mary’s room and in danger of being discovered by Mrs. Dalton. This internalized social oppression literally forces his hands to hold the pillow over Mary’s face, suffocating her. Bigger believes that a white person would assume that he was in the room to rape the white girl.

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No One’s A Mystery Essay

â€Å"No One’s a Mystery† is mainly about innocence and how coming-of-age plays an important role in a relationship. Tallent plays out a contrast between hopeful expectations and disappointing reality through the character of a naive, innocent girl involved with an older, experienced man. The girl appears to be very comfortable with Jack, even though he pushes her into hiding below the dashboard, and despite her spirited singing along with Rosanne Cash on the tape deck, her casual drinking of tequila, and her acceptance of the gift. The curiosity builds when he gives her a five-year diary for her eighteenth birthday, almost foreshadowing a future together. The girl had experienced many changes in consequence of being with Jack. Her loss of innocence is further emphasized as she offers the following insights regarding their future together: â€Å"Jack should be home any minute now, but I don’t know if I can wait until after the trout a la Navarra to make love to him. â€Å"In Tallent’s â€Å"No One’s a Mystery†, the story shows having faith in someone is difficult to do especially when you’re in a relationship with a person. In Jack and the girl’s case, the naive girl questions her future with Jack when he treats her like a child and mocks her when she speaks. Jack chooses to mock her realism by challenging her playfully. Although she still has a serious love for Jack, she is now jaded and aware of what difficulties lay ahead. Another example would be when she is interrupted by a skeptical comment from the older man she continues, â€Å"Little Jack is hungry for his supper.† Jack laughs as she draws to a close, â€Å"My nipples are a little sore from nursing Eliza Rosamund.† Stirring traces of sight, smell, sound, and touch, all feed into her introspective outlook, but strangely. The story, â€Å"No One’s a Mystery† by Elizabeth Tallent explores the relationship of two characters, whom are both rather disputable. The young girl in the story remains unnamed and could be considered naà ¯ve and dim-witted while the guy, Jack, is a chauvinist pig. He uses his 18 year-old admirer as an excuse to make himself think he is still young. It is a way to keep him in the frame of mind that he doesn’t need a wife, he can do what he wants and get what he wants without her. Jack doesn’t seem to want a predictable life. His comments to his admirer show that he isn’t ready to settle down with his wife. For the most part his comments are short and indirect, â€Å"It’s her,’ he said. ‘She keeps her lights on in the daytime. I cant think of a single habit in a woman that irritates me more than that.† This quote is showing Jack belittling his wife. It’s something that would be said in a high school relationship. He also puts her down once again by saying, â€Å"She thinks it’s safer. Why does she need to be safer? She’s driving exactly fifty-five miles an hour. She believes in those signs: ‘Speed Monitored by Aircraft.’ It doesn’t matter that you can look up and see the sky is empty† It’s like he is saying these comments to win his admirers affection. However when Jack saw his wife coming in the distance his actions showed little respect for his young admirer. Jack is a selfish person who only cares about himself. Usually cheaters do not look out for others but themselves but he demonstrates it in several ways. The girl notes â€Å"He pushed me down onto the dirty floor of the pickup and kept one hand on my head while I inhaled the musk of his cigarettes in the dashboard ashtray†. This is horrible to have to go through but the girl has fallen in love with him to the point where she doesn’t think anything is wrong with the situation. â€Å"When he saw that I was going to stay still he took his hand from my head and ran it through his own dark hair†. Jack has to be really inconsiderate to put someone through that. He cares for her about as much as he does with all his pop-tops that are on his truck floor. Later on in their trip Jack tells his admirer what he thinks she will be writing in her diary. â€Å"I wonder what I ever really saw in Jack. I wonder why I spent so many days just riding around in his pickup. It’s true he taught me something about sex†. This comment here shows a little about how Jack sees their situation. He knows its not going to last forever and it will come to and end with in a year. You can tell the two have a very comfortable sexual relationship by the â€Å"taught me something about sex† line in his speech. They are both so comfortable around it that he feels free to joke about it around her. Jack’s situation is not one that’s seen as mature or respectful among most people. He uses his lover for sex and keeps his wife in the dark of the whole situation. It is selfish and wrong for Jack to be acting like this. Jack does what he wants all day and has no respect for either of the two women involved in this affair, therefore showing a childish attitude.

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Integrating Global Education into Middle School Social...

Middle school education is often deemed a period of transition from childhood into young adulthood where social outlets and influence are of increasing importance. It is a unique age group, one that often invokes statements from adults of: â€Å"You teach in middle school? How can you do that?† It is a difficult age, one with numerous challenges for the individual as the child tries to find his or her place in the upcoming adult world. According to the National Council for the Social Studies or NCSS, almost 50% of 10 through 17 year olds are at risk for behaviors such as failure, drugs and violence (NCSS, 1991). A student’s experiences during this time will shape and mold the adult that they will become. Children spend more time in school at†¦show more content†¦However, social studies contains a mixture of numerous different disciplines including history, geography, economics, government, anthropology, psychology and many more. The purpose of this field is to prepare students to be good citizens (Nelson, 2001). According to NCSS (1991), the overarching goals of middle school social studies are four specific goals. First, students are to develop a sense of identity and who they are. The second and third goals suggest that students develop an understanding of right versus wrong as well as a concern for other individuals. Finally, NCSS suggests that middle school social studies helps students to develop a global outlook. This global outlook can be achieved in middle school by addressing the following topics: change, culture, economic systems, equality and interdependence. This is accomplished by looking to the world cultures of Latin America, Asia and Africa in the sixth and seventh grades and United States history in the eighth grade. NCSS also suggests numerous instructional methods for reaching the above goals such as: journals, research, performances, portfolios, role-playing, interviews, debates, cooperative learning, guest speakers, global service projects and international pen-pals (NCSS, 1991). In fact, NCSS finds global education of such importance that the society has issued a position statement on global education within the classroom. NCSS supports global educationShow MoreRelatedNursing Curriculum : A Call For Change913 Words   |  4 PagesAstle, Ogilvie and Gustaldo wrote about linking global citizenship, undergraduate education and professional nursing in the 21th century (E1). They believe that linking global citizenship to transform nursing curriculum will aid in better-prepared nurses. Benner, Sutphen, Leonard and Day (2010) believe transforming curriculum involves integrating knowledge, skilled know-how, and ethical comportment to increase the effectiveness of nursing education (p.12) I think both approaches can be beneficialRead More Multicultural Educational System Essay1701 Words   |  7 Pagescement us together as a nation. Children can develop their ideas and their identity at early stag es in schools. Education should stress the value of diversity and avoid portraying one culture or group as superior to others. A multicultural educational system would not only educate the students in a classroom, but also enrich the teacher and society. The definition of multiculturalism is education that focuses on providing equal opportunity for students who’s cultural or language patterns make itRead MoreUsing Technology to Increase Academic Success1277 Words   |  6 PagesTechnology Can Increase Academic Success Distance education has become one of the more prominent forms of study due to the ever-changing technology offered to this modern era of students; Technology has thoroughly improved academic success. Distance education has a glorious history that can be traced back to its roots in the early 1840’s. â€Å"It was Sir Issac Pitman, the English inventor of shorthand, who in 1840 devised his concept to offer education courses by mail, who, in a historical sense, usheredRead MoreWrite a Critique of Michael P. Todaro’s Definition of Development1704 Words   |  7 Pagesdefines development â€Å"as a multidimensional process involving major changes in social structures, popular attitudes, and national institutions, as well as the acceleration of economic growth, the reduction of inequality, and the eradication of absolute poverty. Development, in its essence, must represent the whole gamut of change by which an entire social system, tuned to the diverse basic needs and desi res of individuals and social groups within that system, moves away from a condition of life widely perceivedRead MoreThe Violence And Death Reign Supreme1177 Words   |  5 Pages Imagine a place where violence and death reign supreme. Imagine a place where parents worry about bombs killing their children while they are at school. Imagine a place where citizens are victim to brutal killings and the wrath of extremist groups. This place is Syria. Six years ago, the Syrian civil war began. This conflict has unleashed violence and damage far too horrible for the average person to even comprehend, with the two sides being, â€Å"†¦a dictator’s brutal crackdown with chemical weaponsRead MoreChanges to the Family Culture Britain Essay2399 Words   |  10 Pagesindustrial revolution and how education was shaped and changed in this period. Secondly, I will look into the post-war immigration and how education was implicated, due to the introduction of new cultures. Citizensh ip classes have been introduced to cater for the changes and I will explain why some parents disagree to them. Thirdly, I will explain about the different types of families in the modern day society, looking at how education has not only changed in schools but has also been linked to theRead MoreThe Civil Rights Movement Of The United States Public Schools2111 Words   |  9 PagesEducation has been a staple necessity throughout the United States for years. From an early age, children attend school in order to learn concepts that will better prepare them for success in the future. Since Brown v. Board of Education, a nineteen fifty four court case that declared segregation in the United States public school system holds no ground, integration has been essentially mandated between blacks and whites in the education program (Hannah-Jones, 2014). Over the years, however, theRead MoreEssay about Bilingual education: The Benefits of Technology1834 Words   |  8 PagesBilingual educ ation: The Benefits of Technology The topic of discussion will introduce how technology can benefit Bilingual education in classrooms across the United States. Alone, Bilingual education is a controversial issue. There are several people and organizations in this country who, for various reasons, are opposed to bilingual education. Minorities in the Classroom It is estimated that by the turn of the century up to 40 percent of the children in the nation’s classrooms willRead MoreEssay about Rise of the Internet2649 Words   |  11 PagesRise of the Internet After the internet fully established throughout the 1990’s, everyday tasks and operations could now be completed via the internet. According to Sarah Pickert, writer for ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education, â€Å"higher education has had to adjust to a more competitive world economy, increased access to and interest in the world at large, and globe-spanning electronic databases and computer networks.† The article further explains how a now â€Å"decentralized† America allows educatorsRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Katie Hendrickson s Students 1800 Words   |  8 Pagesand Summary Katie Hendrickson s â€Å"Student Resistance to Schooling: Disconnections With Education in Rural Appalachia† is a scholarly article within The High School Journal, a publication for those employed in a secondary educational facility. Being founded in 1918, it is one of the oldest peer-reviewed academic journals in education. The journal is managed by students and faculty in the School of Education at Chapel Hill and is published quarterly by the University of North Carolina Press – it

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Project Management with Reference to the Construction of...

The Roman engineers were the first in history to discover that proper management of men and resources could greatly decrease the time it takes to complete a construction project. The management structure the Romans employed on their many public construction projects was very simple, but very effective in communicating information through the appropriate channels. Coupling this management structure with previous experience, the Romans were able to increase the efficiency of their endless labour force. Given that no scriptures on the topic of project management have been discovered, it is hard to know whether the Romans knew exactly what they had achieved. However, even though they are more complex, the processes used today can be quite†¦show more content†¦The next level of men consisted of contractors and foreman that supervised small crews of men. The foremen had to have a very good understanding of what they were being asked to do and how to organize their crews to work a s efficiently and fast as possible. Foremen were also required to physically demonstrate to the men being supervised what they were expected to do and probably administered discipline to men for poor work. Another branch of men , not directly related to physical work, lead to the engineers. This branch contained the levellers and surveyors. They worked under the engineer and maintained communication with the contractor but they did not really fit between either. These men were educated in a variety of subjects but especially math. The surveyors used simple tools to perform very important elevation calculations and with the engineers they plotted the paths of the aqueducts. They communicated with the contractor(s) to explain the path and the slope that the labours were being asked to construct. The most important people in the construction team were the engineers. Everything that happened on the project fell to them to deal with. For this reason Vitruvius gives many examples of things that engineers needed to know and should have studied, including math and some unusual topics such as philosophy and music (Vitruvius: On Architecture, 2006). The engineersShow MoreRelatedUnderstanding the Infrastructure Industry and How it is Essential for the Growth of Our Nation3335 Words   |  13 Pagespurchasing the raw materials through to delivery of the finished product to the customer. They are guided by their motto â€Å"order today, we deliver tomorrow.† Their focus is on operational excellence and lean methods of manufacturing, as well as Kaizen management. Modern technologies such as an automated warehouse system and SAP R3 support the overriding target of corporate success. A worldwide network of their own production facilities also contributes to effectively distributin g their knowledge and to